Insightful dashboards to control your business.

  • Plug and play dashboards (live within 5 minutes)
  • Automatic data refresh
  • Increase business performance based on data
  • Always reconciling, no more reporting errors
  • Compatible with Exact Online (soon more!)
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Automated and reliable management reports without any hassle

Spending time on manual generated reports that are prone to errors? With our tool you can focus on improving business performance instead. Pynaple offers plug and play dashboards based on the most granular data in your ERP-software. The dashboards are live within 5 minutes and are updated automatically every 3 hours.


Improve your business performance with data driven insights

The Profit and loss dashboard provides you with insights to steer and stay in control of your business results. It contains a detailed profit and loss statement with drilldown opportuinities to journal entry level. You can also easily select different periods (monthly, year-to-date and last twelve months). Simply monitor what is driving your business performance by customer and category.

Monitor and optimize your working capital needs

With the Working capital dashboard you can easily monitor the development of your working capital for different time periods (monthly, weekly and daily). See what is driving your working capital needs, supported by various analyses. Keep in control of your days sales outstanding (DSO), days payables outstanding (DPO) and your inventory positions.

All features

Profit- and loss dashboard

Analyse your business performance with the following dashboard items:

  • Profit and loss statement
  • Revenue by customer
  • Revenue by product
  • EBITDA waterfall chart
  • Drilldown capability to journal entry level
Working capital dashboard

Analyse the working capital of your business with the following dashboard items:

  • Working capital table
  • Inventory positions
  • Days payables outstanding (DPO)
  • Days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Drilldown capability to journal entry level
Flexible mapping

We automatically import the mapping of your administration into the Pynaple tool. But if you want, you can easily change the mapping of general ledger accounts to your own preferences with our mapping module. Create your own categories and easily drag and drop the general accounts in the right place.


Does your company have multiple entities / administrations? You can get a consolidated overview of your data with our automatic consolidation tool. Specify which general ledger accounts contain intercompany transactions and our tool will automatically eliminate them.

Easily share with colleagues

Do you want to share the dashboards with your colleagues? Simply invite them to the Pynaple platform and specify which data they can see and to which settings they have access to.

Plug and play

You have fully functional dashboards within 5 minutes. Just set up the connection with your ERP system by logging in with your credentials and our tool will do the rest. After the data is loaded, you will have immediately access to the dashboards.

Fully automatic

The dashboards are updated automatically every 3 hours. No more manual time consuming tasks that are prone to errors but more time for analysis. You are always certain that your are looking at the right data.

Cash flow statement |
Avail. from Q2

This feature will create a plug and play cash flow statement for your business. This includes:

  • Cash conversion rate
  • Cash from operating activities
  • Cash from investing activities
  • Cash from financial activities
Cash analytics |
Avail. from Q2

This feature will analyze the payment behavior of your debtors and predict the payments on the outstanding invoices, with use of machine learning algorithms. This will help you adjust your payment terms to optimize or reduce the working capital of your business.

Marketing analytics |
Avail. from Q2

This feature includes a direct connection to your google analytics account or other marketing platforms. It will give you insight into:

  • Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)
  • LifeTime Value (LTV)
  • Next best action
  • Conversion rate
Customer analytics |
Avail. from Q3

Our customer analytics module will answer most of the key questions about your customers. It will give you insight into:

  • Customer churn/retention
  • Cohort analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Upsell and cross sell opportunities
Inventory analytics |
Avail. upon request

The inventory analytics module will help you improve your inventory management by providing insights into:

  • Inventory ageing
  • Safety stock levels
  • Inventory turnover rate
Sales/Margin analytics |
Avail. upon request

The margin analytics module will provide you the key drivers in the origin of your realized margin by providing insights into:

  • Price volume mix analysis
  • Substitution effects
  • Cannibalization effects
Pricing analytics |
Avail. upon request

The pricing analytics module examines multiple pricing strategies and optimizes volumes and prices based on price elasticity.

External data enrichment |
Avail. upon request

We have access to the following datasets, which can be used to enrich the internal data of your company:

  • Webscraping
  • All other available APIs
Geographical analytics |
Avail. upon request

This module will enable you to perform:

  • White spot analysis
  • Detailed customer segmentation, based on geolocation
  • Competitor distance calculations
  • Distance-driven pricing models


Easily connect to your Exact Online environment by logging in with your credentials. We are constantly developing connections to other business applications. Is your preferred business application not listed below? Contact us and we can make it happen!

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